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The Ultimate mixture for top performance

E.Motion+ drysuit comes as optimal and ultimate combination of lightness and flexibility from E.Motion drysuit and E.Lite fabric exclusive durability. Both functionalities combined in modern and elegant cut provide the highest comfort while diving.

E.Motion+ protects you where necessary, keeping the mobility during demanding decompression dives at the same time. E.Motion+ is also a perfect choice for beginners in recreational diving who appreciate highest comfort of the first moments spent underwater.

E.Motion+ design is based on the two flagship models: E.Motion and E.Lite, combining the greatest advantages of the used cut and fabrics to provide maximum protection at neuralgic places exposed to possible damage and best diving ergonomics. E.Motion+ is available in 36 color options that allow you to create a unique and elegant version of drysuit according to your own preferences.

E.Motion+ is equipped in standard with a new, innovative SANTI Smart Seals® system – soft rings that allow on very easy and quick exchange for any seals you freely preferred or have at hand.



  • Total weight – 3,9 kg

  • Top part and top front of trousers made of flexible and light 235 g/m2 Ripstop trilaminate fabric

  • Exclusive E.Lite trilaminated fabric of 535 g/m2 in back of the trousers, at the belly and lower back area, elbows, crotch pad and lower part of front trousers for maximum protection where needed, at places exposed to possible damage.

In standard equipped with:
  • Elegant, exclusive color combination of black, grey and sliver to underline the best choice you take with choosing this special model.
  • Aquaseal zipper at the front
  • Placement from the right shoulder to the left hip plastic zipper covered by an additional zip-fastened flap
  • Collar hood made of 6 mm soft neoprene
  • Apeks inlet valve
  • High-profile Apeks outlet valve
  • Kevlar® knee pads
  • System of rings SANTI Smart Seals® with silicone wrist seals provides easy exchange
  • Two big and functional cargo pockets on thighs with bungee strings
  • Both pockets have a useful additional zipper fastened pocket for double ender
  • Internal suspenders with handy pocket
  • Flexsole boots
  • Medium pressure hose 75 cm
  • STAY DRY travel bag – water repellent
  • Santi Exclusive after dive beanie

Add On Options


P-Valve - Add $600

Si-Tech Neck Seal - Add $375

Colours Variations - Add $600

Body Trunk: Grey | Black

Side Gores: Light Grey | Grey | Black

Piping: Light Grey | Lime | Pink

Made to Measure Option - Add $890


Have your suit made from scratch based 100% on your measures. That allows prefect fit with a unique drysuit made specific to the diver. Please, get in touch for this options: or 02 9958 5699


Santi Drysuits are made to order. There are 12 standard sizes available, or you can have your drysuit fully customisable with Made to Measure Option.

To select the correct size option, please follow Santi Measuring Instructions (photos attached) or make an appointment for a custom fitting and Drysuit Sample trying at Frog Dive: or 02 9958 5699

Note that Santi offers 4 sizes adjustment FREE OF CHARGE. That means, if one of the standard sizes is just about right, you have the option to 4 minors measure adjustments to ensure a great fit.


Delivery Time

Suits are made to order, therefore there's a delivery time estimated on 8 - 10 weeks.


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