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The Scubapro Hydros Package is a travel SCUBA set that will come ready for your next adventure. Tough lightweight materials and well manufactured these top of the range regulator and revolutionary wing BCD make this package at home in all water temperatures and in all dive conditions.


Package Includes:


Mk25 EVO 1st Stage

The Mk25 1st Stage has a 5-Port Swivel Turret for perfect hose routing for either single cylinders, twins and sidemount diving. The internal parts have Scubapro's XTIS coating that prevents ice from forming, improving the cold water performance by 30%. Available as Yoke or DIN: Yoke comes as standard, please advice if you would like to change it.

S620 Ti 2nd Stage
The S620T has a Titanium Barrel that is light, tough and corrosion resistant for long term reliability. The Air Balanced Valve smooths out the inhalation effort at any depth so you get a controlled breath at depth and in the shallows. Using the same Large Diaphragm as the S600, it gives you maximum breathing sensitivity so you get exactly as much gas as you need.

R195 Occy

The Scubapro R195 occy brings together the classic style of the R190 with the features, materials and technology of modern Scubapro regulators. The simple and robust build makes it ideal as a redundant second stage.


The Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD is a revolutionary wing BCD using the same Monoprene as their Seawing Nova fins for a tough and flexible harness that grips and holds it's position. The modular design of the Hydros make it easy to add and remove sections to change how the BCD functions and weighs so you only need one BCD to be your lightweight travel wing and your tough integrated BC.


Scubapro Compact SPG 

The Compact SPG is Scubapro’s smallest SPG. Its brass case makes it tough and sturdy, and the rubber boot further protects it. The gauge is very accurate and reliable, exactly what you need when looking for an instrument that provides with such valuable information as remaining air pressure.

The SPG reads up to 400 bar and features the common red zone from 50 down to 0 bar. The indicator marks measure 10 bar increments. This SPG can serve either as a back-up for a transmitter, or as a primary gauge when diving with a wrist computer.

The Compact SPG has a flouro coating, so when you shine a light on it, it will glow in the dark and you can easily read your remaining air supply in dark environment.


Upgrade Available

Air 2 Alternate Air Source - ADD $250

An octo/inflator combines a backup regulator with a BC's buoyancy control system in one compact, at-the-ready unit. The cool thing about an octo/inflator is that it's always within reach because it's constantly being used to control descents, adjust buoyancy, and vent air during ascents. In the event of an emergency there's no need to grope for a dangling octo reg; simply pass your primary reg to the diver in need while you take the octo/inflator, enabling you to breathe easily and control your buoyancy as you make your way safely back to the surface.


  • Test-proven breathing performance and cracking effort surpasses many traditional downstream second stages when it comes to ease of breathing.
  • New dive/pre-dive switch enables you to detune the unit when not in use, eliminating free flows.
  • Flexible purge cover is easy to locate and depress for quick clearing, even when wearing thick gloves.
  • Power inflate and deflate buttons are positioned on top of the housing when the AIR2 is in your mouth, making it easier to control buoyancy.
  • Power inflate button features a lighter lever so less load is required to initiate inflation.
  • Power inflate and deflate buttons can be differentiated by color and touch due to their different shapes and sizes, improving ascent control and safety when inflating or deflating the BC.
  • Large bite tabs on the mouthpiece guarantee a secure grip in high-stress situations.