Shark Shield eSPEAR

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Protect yourself and your catch of the day with the world's first handheld electrical shark deterrent.

Powered by Shark Shield Technology, the Ocean Guardian eSPEAR is perfect for diving, snorkelling, and spearfishing. Small, lightweight, easy to carry, and backed by 20 years of research, it offers powerful and proven shark protection. Simply attach it to your dive belt, swimsuit, or trunks and go!

    • The world’s most effective electrical shark deterrent technology - and proven to deter Great Whites
    • Protective electrical field approx. 2.5m (8'2") long x 1m (3'2") in diameter
    • Easy to attach to your dive belt, swimsuit or trunks with a carabiner (not supplied)
    • Optional Holster available as an accessory for thigh, calf, or dive belt
    • Turns on automatically when deployed. To turn off, hold it out of the water and push baton back in (retract). Using a dive glove is recommended.
    • Shark Shield Technology can only repel sharks and rays. It does not affect or repel fish, crocodiles, dolphins, whales or freshwater creatures
    • Does NOT attract sharks
    • Easy to see LED operational status including battery life indicator
    • Fully encapsulated electronic design with powerful lithium battery and wireless charging dock
    • 12V DC car / boat charging accessory also available
    • Covered by Ocean Guardian's Standard Warranty
    • Max Operating Depth: 100m (328’)
    • Storage Temperature: 0ºC – 60ºC (32ºF - 140ºF)
    • Operating Temperature: 12ºC – 40ºC (53ºF - 104ºF). Lower temperatures will reduce the operating time
    • Battery Pack Life: Nominal 1000 charges
    • Operating Time (in-water): up to 80 minutes of continuous operation (temperature dependent)
    • Dimensions when retracted: 263mm L x 36mm W x 86mm H (10.3” x 1.4” x 3.4”)
    • Dimensions when extended: 610mm L x 36mm W x 86mm H (24” x 1.4” x 3.4”)
    • Weight: 250g (8.82oz).



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