Scuba for Her

From $135.00 $139.00

Oceanic Cyanea Mask

The Oceanic Cyanea Mask is one of the latest masks from Oceanic th...

2% OFF

From $130.00 $157.00

Scubapro Zoom EVO Mask | Optical Lenses option

The Zoom EVO is a low volume dual lens mask that is ideal for all...

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Oceanic Manta Ray Open Heel Fins

Oceanic Mantaray Fins Revolutionary blade design that provides maxi...

From $275.00 $327.00

Scubapro Seawing Nova Fins

  The Seawing Nova combines classic SCUBAPRO fin technology with t...

15% OFF


Oceanic Hera Ladies BCD

If you've been looking for a BC specifically designed for women, ...

From $80.00 $110.00

Ocean Pro Iluka 2.5mm Ladies Shortie Wetsuit

Ocean Pro Iluka Shortie Female specific cut 2.5mm Neoprene watersp...

27% OFF

From $120.00 $139.00

Ocean Pro ILUKA 2.5mm Ladies Steamer Wetsuit

Female specific cut 2.5mm Neoprene watersports steamer Smoothskin ...

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From $119.00 $129.00

Enth Degree Meridien Womens Vest

  The ultimate vest from Enth Degree delivers maximum warmth, com...

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From $149.00 $169.00

Enth Degree Atoll Hooded Vest Ladies

  The ultimate thermal protection for water Sports.  Enth Degree A...

11% OFF

From $109.00 $119.00

Enth Degree Bombora Womens Long Sleeve Top

  Lightweight Thermal protection with 4 way freedom of movement, ...

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From $189.00 $209.00

Enth Degree Fiord Womens Long Sleeve Thermal Top

  The Fiord Long Sleeve Top is designed with the utmost versatili...

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From $199.00 $229.00

Enth Degree Assana LS Bodysuit

      Enth Degree Technical Performance Wear for superior warmth an...

13% OFF
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Scuba Diving

A wide array of scuba diving gear, including high-performance regulators, buoyancy control devices, wetsuits, and cutting-edge dive computers, is readily available for purchase, ensuring divers have access to top-notch equipment for a safe and enjoyable underwater experience.


Spearfishing enthusiasts can explore a variety of specialised equipment for purchase, such as high-quality spearguns, camouflage wetsuits and snorkels, providing a comprehensive selection to enhance their underwater hunting experience.

Free Diving

For those passionate about freediving, a range of equipment, including freediving fins, low-volume masks, specialised wetsuits, and innovative breath-holding training aids, is readily available for purchase, allowing enthusiasts to elevate their underwater exploration and breath-holding skills.


An extensive selection of snorkeling gear, ranging from comfortable masks and snorkels to innovative fins and full-face snorkel masks, is readily available for purchase, catering to the diverse needs of enthusiasts seeking an immersive and hassle-free underwater exploration.