Hollis ST Elite Travel System

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The ST Elite Systems combine the most popular single tank components into one, including the Elite 2 harness for the ultimate in features and comfort in a backplate and harness system.

This kit is preassembled from the factory and includes unique components depending on the configuration.

For warm water and travel destinations the ST Elite Travel is the choice, with the ST22 wing, Aluminium backplate 2.0, Delrin cam bands and Backplate backpad 2.0. While those diving in colder waters can choose the ST Elite system, which includes the ST35 wing, Stainless backplate 2.0 and Backplate backpad 2.0.


The Hollis ST Elite Travel System Includes:


    Hollis ST 22 Wing

    The ST line of wings are a brand new series for single tank diving. The design features a 360 degree tapered profile, to increase lift towards the hips, promoting better horizontal trim in dive position while still allowing perfect surface floatation. 

    The ST22 is designed for warm water dives in aluminum cylinders, where low lift and maximum streamlining is preferred.

    Tank slots and tank cradle are included on both models, which allows you to connect your wing and backplate without the need for a single tank adapter plate. This reduces weight and unnecessary accessories while traveling. 

    The bladder is a two-piece design, with a rugged 1680 Cordura nylon outer shell to prevent abrasion and punctures, and a 420-denier nylon inner bladder to maintain the buoyancy. The lower OPV is easy to reach for venting gas while horizontal or heads down, and the inflator design is a K style with a rugged crushproof rubber hose for easy positioning and oral inflation should you need to. 


    • Welded flange and one piece retainer for servicing without the need for tools
    • HD Laminated 1680D Cordura outer shell
    • 420 nylon internal bladder
    • Elbow offset to avoid tank valve/regulator interference and streamlined hose routing
    • Lower left pull relief valve
    • Cam band slots & tank cradle built in
    • ST22 – 22lbs lift / 10 kg


        Hollis Elite 2 Harness System

        The Elite 2 Harness System offers all the features of a technical harness with the added comfort that recreational divers look for.  Now with reduced webbing width on shoulder straps and a one piece harness webbing for simpler assembly. Also features more streamlined shoulder pads.


        • Adjustable shoulder straps with quick release buckles
        • Easier donning and doffing of equipment
        • Adjustable and removable shoulder pads
        • 316 marine grade stainless steel
        • Adjustable sternum strap included allows for custom fit
        • Weight (harness only): 1.7 lb (0.77 kg) 


        Aluminium Backplate 2.0

        The 2.0 backplate line is the foundation for the Hollis technical harness systems. Featuring improved ergonomics for a more comfortable fit, but are still short enough to fit smaller frame divers.  Laser cut and CNC bent, which give this awesome new appearance.

        The Aluminum version is laser cut from 6061 aluminum and hard anodized in black for a marine grade finish.


        • EN AW 6061 aluminum
        • 3mm thickness
        • Hard Anodized Marine Black
        • Laser cut & CNC bent
        • 1.5 lbs / 1 kg



        Backplate Backpad 2.0

        The Backplate Backpad 2.0 is a comfortable two piece design with added lumbar support, which easily pivots out of the way of your doubles tank bolts and cam bands when assembly or disassembly as needed.


        • Two piece design for increase comfort and support
        • Back support pad sits in the Mid Back area to provide more comfort
        • Lumbar support fills the lower part of the back where you have the natural curvature of the spine and gives more support and load carrying assistance by taking the weight from the shoulders and distributing some around the hip area.


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